A look at breeds and varieties of blue cats.

Body (Click on each image for several examples of body types)

British Shorthair
Medium to large, well knit and powerful. Level back and a deep broad chest.
LEGS: short to medium, well-boned and strong. In proportion to the body. Forelegs are straight.
PAWS: round and firm. Toes: five in front and four behind.
TAIL: medium length in proportion to the body, thicker at base, tapering slightly to a rounded tip

Robust physique: medium-long with broad shoulders and deep chest. Strong boning; muscle mass is solid and dense. Females are medium; males are large. Tail of moderate length; heavy at base; tapering to oval tip. Lively and flexible.
LEGS and FEET: legs comparatively short and fine-boned; straight and sturdy. Feet are round and medium in size (may appear almost dainty compared to body mass).
Semi-cobby, neither compact nor svelte. The torso is distinctive. Broad chested with good space between forelegs. Muscular, supple, with a feeling of hard coiled spring power and unexpected weight. Back is carried in a curve. The males tend to be larger than females.
LEGS: well-proportioned to body. Distance along back from nape of neck to base of tail appears to be equal to distance from base of tail to floor. Front legs slightly shorter than back legs.
PAWS: oval. Toes: five in front and four behind.
TAIL: medium in length, heavier at the base, tapering to a rounded tip. Non-visible kink permitted.

Russian Blue
Fine boned, long, firm, and muscular; lithe and graceful in outline and carriage without being tubular in appearance.
LEGS: long and fine boned. PAWS: small, slightly rounded. Toes: five in front and four behind.
TAIL: long, but in proportion to the body. Tapering from a moderately thick base