A look at breeds and varieties of blue cats.

Eyes (Click on each image for a larger, diagrammed view)

British Shorthair
Large, round, well opened. Set wide apart and level. Eye color is dependant on coat color. (shown here)

Rounded and open; alert and expressive. Color range is copper to gold; a clear, deep, brilliant orange is preferred.

Disqualify: green eyes
Penalize: eyes too close together giving angry look.

Large and luminous. Particularly prominent with an extraordinary depth and brilliance. Wide open and oversized for the face. Eye aperture, which shows as well-rounded when fully open, has an Asian slant when closed or partially closed. Undesirable: small or dull looking eyes.

Color: luminous green preferred, amber cast acceptable. Kittens and adolescents can have yellow or amber to amber-green eyes; the color is not usually achieved until the cat is mature, usually two to four years of age.

Russian Blue
Set wide apart. Aperture rounded in shape. Eye color: vivid green.